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Acoustic Edge-KCLC (St. Louis, MO)
Americana Music Show (Durham, NC)
Big Star (Fort Worth, TX)
CBC (Canada)
CHRW (London, ON)
CIUT (Toronto, ON)
CKUA (Alberta, Canada)
FOLK (W. Hills, CA)
Freight Train Boogie (Santa Rosa, CA)
Got Radio (Cumming, GA)
KALX (Berkeley, CA)
KAOS (Olympia, WA)
KBAC (Santa Fe, NM)
KBCS (Bellevue, WA)
KBOO (Portland, OR)
KCMP (Saint Paul, MN)
KCRW (Santa Monica, CA)
KDHX (St. Louis, MO)
KDNK (Carbondale, CO)
KECO (Elk City, OK)
Keokuk 89.5fm (Burlington, IL)
KEXP (Seattle, WA)
KFAI (Minneapolis, MN)
KGNU (Boulder, CO)
KHNS (Haines, AK)
KHSU (Arcata, CA)
KHUM (Ferndale, CA)
KKFI (Kansas City, MO)
KMUD (Redway, CA)
KNBA (Anchorage, AK)
KOPN (Columbia, MO)
KOTO (Telluride, CO)
KPFT (Houston, TX)
KPIG (Wastonville, CA)
KRCB (Rohnert Park, CA)
KRCC (Colorado Sps, CO)
KRCL (Salt Lake City, UT)
KRSC (Claremore, OK)
KRSH (Santa Rosa, CA)
KRVM (Eugene, OR)
KRVS (Lafayette, LA)
KSER (Everett, WA)
KSMF (Ashland, OR)
KSYM (San Antonio, TX)
KUMD (Duluth, MN)
KUNI (Cedar Falls, IA)
KUSH (Cushing, OK)
KUWR (Laramie, WY)
KVMR (Nevada City, CA)
KVNF (Paonia, CO)
KWMR (Point Reyes, CA)
KXCI (Tuscon, AZ)
KZMU (Moab, UT)
LOFT (Washington, DC)
PRE (New Bern, NC) Radio Crystal Blue (Tacoma, WA)
Radio Free Americana (Verona, VA)
Stingray (Montreal, QC)
Undercurrents (Walnut Creek, CA)
WAER (Syracuse, NY)
WAGS (Bishopville, SC)
WAMU (Washington, DC)
WBCM (Bristol, VA)
WBGU (Bowling Green, OH)
WBRS (Waltham, MA)
WBSD (Burlington, WI)
WCBE (Columbus, OH)
WCNI (New London, CT)
WDBM (East Lansing, MI)
WDVR (Sargentsville, NJ)
WDVX (Knoxville, TN)
WEFT (Champaign, IL)
WEHC (Abington, VA)
WERU (E. Orland, ME)
WESU (Middletown, CT)
WETS (Johnson City, TN)
WEVL (Memphis, TN)
WFDU (Teaneck, NJ)
WFIV (Knoxville, TN)
WFUV (Bronx, NY)
WGCS (Goshen, IN)
WGDR (Plainfield, VT)
WHAY (Whitley City, KY)
WHFC (Bel Air, MD)
WHFR (Dearborn, MI)
WHRV (Norfolk, VA)
WHRW (Binghamton, NY)
WIKX (Port Charlotte, FL)
WIUM (Macomb, IL)
WJMQ (Shawano, WI)
WKKL (W. Barnstable, MA)
WKZE (Red Hook, NY)
WLFR (Galloway, NJ)
WMKY (Morehead, KY)
WMNF (Tampa, FL)
WMSR (Auburn, AL)
WNCW (Spindale, NC)
WOJB (Hayward, WI)
WOUB (Athens, OH)
WPKN (Bridgeport, CT)
WQBR (McElhanttan, PA)
WRPI (Troy, NY)
WRRW (Williamsburg, VA)
WRUR (Rochester, NY)
WRUW (Eland, OH)
WRUW/A (Cleveland, OH)
WTCC (Springfield, MA)
WUKY (Lexington, KY)
WVIA (Pittston, PA)
WWSP (St. Point, WI)
WWUH (West Hartford, CT)
WXKU (Seymour, IN)
WXPN (Philadelphia, PA)
WYSO (Yellow Springs, OH)


What They’re Saying

Penguin Eggs

Edmonton-based Rob Heath has previously won first prize in the Calgary Folk Festival’s songwriting contest, the New Folk competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, as well as a Canadian Radio Music Award for Songwriter of the Year. 

On this, his sixth disc, one of the subjects he tackles is using the idea of actor Christopher Reeves’s real-life struggle with being paralyzed as a metaphor for the human condition in Superman’s Fallen. Such large subjects don’t seem to faze Heath in the slightest and he’s equally at ease using the examples of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and Chagall in Greatest Master Of All, or life itself in The Key

He follows in the romantic poet tradition of looking at “the great questions” of  love and existence, both through his own songs and collaborations with other songwriters. Produced by Jesse Brandon Northy, the disc is another fine addition to a substantial body of work.  – By Barry Hammond

Collaboration is The Key for Edmonton Singer Songwriter Rob Heath

By Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal  


Besides having well-crafted and intelligent lyrics, the songs are melodic, memorable and haunting in their sounds.
— Les Semieniuk, Calgary Folk Music Festiva

Solid singer-songwriter fare from one of music’s craftsmen. Warm, welcoming, comfortable, familiar even, seldom brash or edgy, plenty going on and a few wow moments that make your heart stop in wonder. – Maverick Magazine (UK)


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